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Dr. Zainal Alimuddin Zainal Alauddin

Position Professor, Dean
Academic Qualification Ph.D (Wales), M.Sc. (UMIST), B.Sc (Leeds)
Professional Membership C.Eng. IMechE (UK) 
Area of Expertise Alternative Energy Studies, Renewable Energy Studies, Biomass Energy
Gasification, Biomass Power Plant,Internal Combustion Engine
  Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning
  Research Gate

Contact Info

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel. No. (Office) : 04 5996358
Tel. No. (Personal) : 01205069000
Room No. : 2.09

Course taught

EMH 211- Thermodynamics 
EME431- Refrigeration  and air conditioning
EME422– Energy conversion system
EME432- Internal combustion engine
EML211- Engineering Lab 1
EMD 442 Integrated design 
EMD 442- System design
EMD 332-Machine design


Journal papers:

1)    K.O Lim, ZAZ Alauddin, GA Quadir, MZ Abdullah ‘Energy Potential and Utilisation of Plantation Crops in Malaysia. Asean Journal on Science and Technology for Development December 2000 Vol 17 pp 1-16

2)    K.O. Lim, Z.A Zainal, GA Quadir and MZ Abdullah. Plant Base Energy Potential and Biomass Utilisation in Malaysia, International Energy Journal. December 2000 Vol 1, No. 2

3)    Z. A Zainal, CH Lean , KNS Seetharamu, A Rifau Prediction of Performance of a Downdraft Gasifier Using The Equilibrium Modelling for Different Biomass Material, Energy Conversion And Management, Volume 42, Issue 12, August 2001 Pages 1499-1515

4)    K N Seetharamu, R Paragasam, Ghulam A. Quadir, Z A Zainal, ‘Finite Element Modelling of Solidification Phenomena’, Sadhana , Vol 26, Parts 1&2, February-April 2001, pp103-120

5)    Z.A Zainal and A Rifau, Experimental Investigation of a Downdraft Biomass Gasifier, Biomass & Bioenergy, Volume 23, Issue4, October 2002, Pages 283-289

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16)  Pradeep Hegde, K.N Seetharamu, G.A Quadir, P.A Aswatha, M.Z Abdullah and Z.A Zainal, Thermal analysis of microchannel heat exchangers with two phase flow using FEM, Microelectronic International, Vol 15, No.1, 2005, pages 43-60

17)  Badrudin IA and Zainal Z.A, Free Convection and radiation for a vertical wall with varying temperature embedded in porous medium, International Journal of Thermal Science, Volume 45, Issue 5, May 2006, Pages 487-493

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Research Grants

15 Downscaling effects on combustion mechanism and characterization in micro combustor Project leader FRGS July 2014
16 Paddy drying system Project leader BJIM April 2014
17 Waste to fuel Project Leader KTP Dec 2013
18 Microwave assisted CO2 conversion into fuel carbon reactor using iron and nickel catalyst Project Leader ERGS  July 2014
19 Optimization of combustion for compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel engine Project leader E-Science July 2014
20 Effect of radio frequency power and various catalyst on thermocatalytic cracking of vapour tarry material



E science Dec 2014
21 Torrefaction process for enhancing fuel quality for the low quality biomass Sub project leader LRGS Dec 2014
22 Effect Of Water Injection In A Thermocatalytic Reactor On Tar Removal Efficiency In The Producer Gas

Project leader


RU 30/6/2017
23 Study on hot spot in CO2 gasification using microwave irradiation for Boudouard and water gas reactions

Project leader


FRGS 1/11/2017
24 Effect of Water Injection in Humid Air Turbines (HAT) Standalone Aombined Heat and Power System Fueled by Biomass

Project leader


RU 28/2/2019
25 Performance and Characterization of Access-Enthalpy Based Combustion using Biomas Producer Gas as Fuel

Project leader


AUN SEED 31/3/2018

Available PhD/MSc titles




Externally fired micro gas turbine using a gasifier and high
temperature heat exchanger


Performance of HHO as additives with producer gas in SI engine


Performance of emulsified vegetable oil and water in DI engine
with and without producer gas


Development and performance of low temperature expander
generator (screw motor) using waste heat and low boiling point temp fluid.

5 Performance of direct injection of producer gas into a diesel engine
6 Direct fired micro gas turbine using suction gasifier and cyclone combustor




1 Pelleting of biomass  material for gasification  and combustion
2 Performance of a gasifier combustor for hot air production 
and spray drying
3 Development and performance of a biomass gasifier stove with a
biomass fuelled thermoelectric  generator fan
4 Vapour absorption heat  pump assisted timber drying
system using biomass fuel

Vapour absorption refrigeration and air conditioning using biomass fuel


Cyclone gasifier using pulverized biomass fuel for power generation


Performance of a small scale steam engine using a
monotube steam generator.


Waste plastics pyrolysis at high temp with steam reforming
and catalyst for production of liquid fuel


Combustion characteristics of liquid biofuels, vegetable oil,
waste cooking oil in porous medium combustor.

10 Performance of a 5kW electrical power using a water injection
gasifier via a diesel engine.

Performance of a Bubbling fluidized bed biomass gasifier for
EFB using catalyst as bed material


Heat pump assisted drying.


Evaporative cooling using calcium chloride