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mani maran

Dr. Mani Maran Ratnam

Position Professor
Academic Qualification B. Eng. (UM), Ph.D (Poly. of Wales, UK)
Professional Membership C.Eng. IMechE (UK), Member SPIE
Area of Expertise Optical Metrology, Industrial Machine Vision
  Image Processing
  Google ScholarResearch Gate, Scopus

Contact Info

Email: Alamat emel ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Anda perlu hidupkan JavaScript untuk melihatnya.
Tel. No. (Office) : 04 5996325
Tel. No. (Personal) : 012 4905417
Room No. : 2.19
Personal Webpage : http://mechanical.eng.usm.my/MMR/MMR3/index.html

Courses Taught

EMC201 – Measurement and Instrumentation
EPM212 – Metrology and Quality Control
EPE462 – Industrial Machine Vision
EPE482 – Optical and Surface Metrology


Journal Papers:

C.P. Goh, K.S. Yen,H.Ismail, M.M. Ratnam. Single-step scanner-based digital image correlation (SB-DIC) method for large deformation mapping in rubber, Optics and Lasers in Engineering 88 (2017) 167-177 (Q2).

W.K. Lee, M.M. Ratnam, Z.A.  Ahmad, Detection of chipping in ceramic cutting inserts from workpiece profile during turning using fast Fourier transform (FFT) and continuous wavelet transform (CWT), Precision Engineering 47 (2017) 406-423 (Q1).

W.Q. Ain, M.K.Faisal, M.K. Talari, W. Darham, M.M.Ratnam, Y. Kwon, N.J. Kim, A.K. Prasada Rao, Effect of Mo on the high-temperature creep resistance and machinability of, a recycled Al alloy with high Iron impurity, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 25(10) (2016) 4310-4316 (Q3)

W.K. Lee, M.M Ratnam, Z.A. Ahmad, In-process detection of chipping in ceramic cutting tools during turning of difficult-to-cut material using vision-based approach, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 85 (2016) 1275–1290 (Q2).

Sung, A. N.; Loh, W. P., Ratnam, M.M, Simulation approach for surface roughness interval prediction in finish turning, International Journal of Simulation Modelling, 15(1) (2016) 42-55 (Q2).
H.H. Shahabi , M.M. Ratnam, Simulation measurement of surface roughness via grey scale image of tool in finish turning, Precision Engineering 43 (2016) 146-156 (Q1).

N. A. Rejab, A. Z. Ahmad Azhar, M. M. Ratnam and Z. A. Ahmad, Role of MgO nanoparticles on zirconia-toughened alumina-5 wt-% CeO2 ceramics mechanical properties, Materials Science and Technology 32(13)(2016) 1316-1322.

A. Mohd Ali, N.S. Abdullah, M. Ratnam, Z.A. Ahmad, The cutting speed influences on tool wear of ZTA ceramic cutting tools and surface roughness of work material stainless steel 316L during high speed machining, Materials Science Forum 840 (2016) 315-320, 2016.

W.K. Lee, M.M Ratnam, Z.A. Ahmad, Detection of fracture in ceramic cutting tools from workpiece profile signature using image processing and Fast Fourier Transform, Precision Engineering 44 (2016) 131–142 (Q1).

Z.D.I. Sktani, M.M. Ratnam, Z.A. Ahmad, Influence of combined CaO and CaCO3 additions on the microstructure and properties of ZTA, Journal of The Australian Ceramic Society 52 (1) (2016) 167-176 (Q2).

C.S. Goh, M.M. Ratnam, Assessment of areal (3-D) roughness parameters of milled surface using CCD flatbed scanner and image processing, Experimental Techniques 40(3) (2016) 1099-1107 (Q3).

C.P. Goh, M.M Ratnam, H. Ismail, Large in-plane deformation mapping and determination of Young’s modulus of rubber using scanner-based digital image correlation, Experimental Techniques 40(3) (2016) 1117-1127 (Q3)

L. K. Koay, M. M. Ratnam, H. Gitano-Briggs, An Investigation on the damping characteristics of a linear optical scanner, Experimental Techniques 40(1) (2016) 271-284 (Q3).

H.W.Thoo, M.M. Ratnam, An improved method of projected area determination in nanoindentation using image processing with sub-pixel edge location, Experimental Techniques 40(2) (2016) 803-818) (Q3).

B.M. Kumar, M.M. Ratnam, Machine vision method for the non-contact measurement of surface roughness of a rotating workpiece, Sensor Review 35(1) (2015) 10-19 (Q3).

A.N. Sung, M.M. Ratnam, W.P. Loh, Effect of tool nose profile tolerance on surface roughness in finish turning, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology76 (2015) 2083–2098 (Q2).

C.K. Tai, R. Ahmad, H.M. Akil, M.M. Ratnam, Effect of alkali treatment and molding temperature on flexural and impact properties of coir-fiber-epoxy composite, Advanced Composite Letters, 24(4) (2015) 73-80 (Q4).

A. Mohd Ali, A.Z. Ahmad Azhar, M.M. Ratnam, Z.A. Ahmad, Wear analysis of ZTA-MgO ceramic cutting inserts on stainless steel 316L machining, Advanced Materials Research 1087 (2015) 101-105.

L.K. Koay, H. Gitano-Briggs, M.M. Ratnam, An approach for nonlinear damping characterization for linear optical scanner, Experimental Techniques 39 (2015) 38–46 (Q3).

W.H. Woo, M.M. Ratnam, K.S. Yen, Artificial neural network approach for moire fringe center determination, Journal of Electronic Imaging 24(6), 063021 (2015) (Q4).

N.A. Rejab, A.Z.A. Azhar, S.K. Khoo, M.M. Ratnam, Z. A. Ahmad, Effects of MgO addition on the phase, mechanical properties, and microstructure of zirconia-toughened alumina added with CeO2 (ZTA - CeO2) ceramic composite, Materials Science & Engineering A, 595 (2014) 18-24.

Sktani, Z.D.I., Azhar, A.Z.A.,Ratnam, M.M., Ahmad, Z.A, The influence of in-situ formation of hibonite on the properties of zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA) composites, Ceramics International 40(4) (2014): 6211-6217

A.N. Sung, W. P. Loh, M. M. Ratnam, Effect of wedge angle on surface roughness in finish turning: Analytical and experimental study, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 74 (1-4): 139-150 (2014)

Tayeh, B.A. Bakar, B.H.A., Johari, M.A.M., Ratnam, M.M., Existing concrete textures: Their effect on adhesion with fibre concrete overlay, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Structures and Buildings 167(6) (2014): 355-368.

B.M. Kumar, M.M. Ratnam, In-process measurement of surface roughness using machine vision with sub-pixel edge detection in finish turning, International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing 15(11): 2239-2249 (2014).

Research Grants

Title: Development of a High-Sensitivity Crack Monitoring System with Remote Data Processing via Smartphone Interface
Type: PRGS
Amount: RM75,500
Duration: 1/12/2015 – 28/02/2017

Title: Development of Commercial -grade high- sensitivity moiré crack gage and application software for crack growth monitoring in concrete structures
Type: Innovation Seed Fund
Amount: RM 49,200
Duration: 1/12/2015 – 31/12/2016

Available PhD/MSc Titles

MSc Titles

Effect of nanoparticle addition to palm olein based cutting fluid on cutting force and surface finish quality during turning of AISI 1040 steel

The objective of this research is to investigate the effect of nanoparticle addition to palm oil on its lubricating characteristics. The effect of the type and particle size of nanopowder on the lubricating and heat removal properties of palm oil-based nanofluid during turning will be investigated in terms of the tool life, surface finish and cutting forces.