innovate 2016From left: Ir. Dr. Yen Kim Sam, Fow Jun Ee, Tan Ting Feng, Dr. Teoh Soo Siang

IMDC is a multi-discipline engineering design competition open to all final year undergraduate engineering or computer science students in Malaysia with the goal to promote innovative culture in engineering design work, tackle real-world problems with practical engineering solutions, and churn out brightest talents for product development, further research, and commercialization.

More than 400 teams participation from 29 public and private institutions of higher education in Malaysia, and only the top 5 of each track enter the Grand Finale in Equatorial Hotel for conference and industry showcase. USM students had shown great results, out of 8 teams of USM students in the finals, 2 teams were represented by students from School of Mechanical Engineering.

A project title of “Development of Network Based Surveillance Module (NBSM) for the Wild” is the Champion of MathWorks track in IMDC 2016. This project is a combined effort of both School of Mechanical Engineering (PPKM) and School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (PPKEE). The team consists of Fow Jun Ee from PPKM and Tan Ting Feng from PPKEE, under the supervision of Ir. Dr. Yen Kin Sam from PPKM and Dr. Teoh Soo Siang from PPKEE (Figure 1). The network based surveillance module developed is able to detect human (poachers) presence in both daytime and at night condition with 100% positive detection and able to transmit near instantaneous alerts wirelessly to the authorities. This project also won favour in the sight of judges and has been awarded the winner of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Malaysia Design Challenge. Design information: Development of Network based Surveillance Module (NBSM) for the wild

 “It is a long and tough journey,” says Ting Feng, “It is challenging to carry out final year project, studies, and constantly in contact with TechSource and WCS to produce a system that solves the industry issues. Yet the experience of being exposed to various industries, gaining technical skills and other soft skills are priceless. I strongly encourage USM students to join IMDC in the future and be surprised by the heights they can reach as they challenge themselves. You can’t say you can’t before you try.”

innovate 2016 2From Left: Lee Jia Haw, Lim Qian Wen, Ong Xuan Zhi, Ir. Dr. Yen Kim Sam

Another project with the title of “Bird's Nest Inspection Using Machine Vision” has secured the 2nd Runner Up of ViTrox track in IMDC 2016. The team members are Ong Xuan Zhi, Lim Qian Wen and Lee Jia Haw (Figure 2). All of them are students from School of Mechanical Engineering and the project is under supervision of Ir. Dr. Yen Kin Sam. An edible bird’s nest cleanliness inspection system using machine vision is developed with impurities detection rate up to 88.25% Design information: Bird's Nest Inspection System Using Machine Vision

“It seems to be impossible at the beginning, and it still seems to impossible now.” says Xuan Zhi. “What makes it possible is everyone’s effort throughout this year. The impossible stays as it is if you don’t take your first step and explore what is possible. Words can’t express my gratitude to every individual that directly and indirectly makes all these possible.”