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The Business Unit in collaboration with Focus Applied Technologies Sdn. Bhd. has recently concluded a 1 day oriented Air/Fuel Ratio measurement & Control (Carburated & EFI Engines) training on 18th July 2017.  The workshop, delivered by Professor Horizon Gitano Briggs has been attended by community of Perda Tech in light to enrich learning through training and certification to educational institutes/industries inside the field of automotive engineering.

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This workshop serves as a comprehensive overview of oxygen sensors as used to measure the AFR in modern engines, the basic AFR control techniques used in both carbureted and fuel injected SI engines.  Overall vehicle target AFR is also explained with respect to vehicle performance, emissions, and engine longevity. The various oxygen sensors (narrow band and wide band) are then covered in depth.  Sample measurements are analyzed to give insight into the engine‚Äôs operation. Oxygen sensor control strategies in fuel injected engines are explained in detail. Finally, a number of important limitations and considerations when using oxygen sensors for AFR measurement concluded the presentation
SC airfuel3During the demonstration, the invited participants were able to get their hands on AFR control techniques on LPG fuel injected SI engines. They learn an easier way of tuning an engine by air/fuel ratio using some great technologies from Focus Applied Technologies Sdn. Bhd.