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Research in the field of optical metrology is focused on the application of phase-shift fringe projection and moiré method for the measurement of shape, displacement and characterization of the behavior of composite materials and products. Some of the past research includes the measurement of flexural modulus of polymeric foam using moiré method, in-plane displacement sensing using circular grating moiré, crack growth measurement using moiré, characterization of micro-cantilever using phase-shift shadow moiré, measurement of PCI connector tilt using phase-shift fringe projection, study of static deformation of composite pallet using shadow moiré etc. Some of the recent publications in this field are:

  1. K.S. Yen, M.M. Ratnam, H.M. Akil, Measurement of flexural modulus of polymeric foam with improved accuracy using moire method, Polymer Testing 29: 358-368 (2010).
  2. J.H.Lim, M.M. Ratnam, I.A. Azid, D. Mutharasu, Deflection measurement and  determination of Youngs modulus of micro-cantilever using phase-shift  shadow moire method, Experimental Mechanics  50(7): 1051-1060 (2010).
  3. V. Retnasamy, M.M. Ratnam, Measurement of PCI connector tilts using phase-shift fringe projection, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 38: 1172-1180 (2008).
  4. T.S. Khoo, M.M. Ratnam, H.P.S. Abdul Khalil, Wood filler(WF)-recycled  polypropylene(RPP) composite pallet: Study of static deformation using FEA and shadow moire, Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 27(16-17): 1733-1744 (2008).
  5. I.A.Azid, C.P. Tan, B.L.Lee, K.N.Seetharamu, M.M.Ratnam, M.V.V.Murthy, Fracture mechanic analysis of package delamination, Key Engineering Materials 297-300: 844-850 (2005).

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