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Our group is called the Stress, Damage and Failure Mechanisms group. Our group has a broad spectrum of interests in problems related to both mechanics of materials and the application of materials in engineering structures and components. Most of our research activities are built around numerical and experimental evaluations of materials at micro to macroscales. Our current research interest focus on the following areas:

Fracture Mechanics. Our group have developed a new analytical approach to quantify the effect of thickness on toughness. The aim of this research is to improve current structural integrity methodologies assessment scheme in design and maintenance of structures as given in BS7910 and R6 and API standards.

Fatigue crack growth. Fatigue crack growth is studied through full field displacment field using optical Digital Image Correlation technique and advanced numerical finite element analysis to model crack closure and the effects of overload within fatigue cycles.This research is important to understand the effect of load fluctuation in fatigue crack growth.

High strain rate materials testing. We are interested in the behavior of materials under high strain rate testing and particularly in modelling of materials at impact loading strain rate. Through this interest, we are currently developing a modular testing station to allow tension and compression load to be conducted on a single SHPB set up.

Computational Solid Mechanics. We are interested in stress analysis in all kinds of problems such as linear deformation and non-linear deformation and failure of materials in various materials such as metals, polymers, ceramics and composites. To complement our research, we have acquired advanced tools and equipments to support our research.

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Ir. Dr. Feizal Yusof P.Eng(Mal), C.Eng MIMechE (UK)
School of Mechanical Engineering
Universiti Sains Malaysia
14300 Nibong Tebal
Pulau Pinang, MALAYSIA
Phone: +604-5996316
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