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SC airfuel
The Business Unit in collaboration with Focus Applied Technologies Sdn. Bhd. has recently concluded a 1 day oriented Air/Fuel Ratio measurement & Control (Carburated & EFI Engines) training on 18th July 2017.  The workshop, delivered by Professor Horizon Gitano Briggs has been attended by community of Perda Tech in light to enrich learning through training and certification to educational institutes/industries inside the field of automotive engineering.

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TheVibrationLab Team wins First Prize for the National Instrument Track in the Innovate Malaysia Design Competition 2017

innovate 2017The booth at the Innovate Malaysia  Design Competition 2017 from left Nabil, Ting, Tiew and Prof Zaidi. 

17 July -  Cyberjaya, Two students  Tiew Yin Cheng and Ting Kin Choong from TheVibrationLab of the School of Mechanical Engineering, USM  won the first prize of the National Instruments track. The prize consists of RM 5000 cash and also two units of NI MyRIO control prototyping unit.

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Kyutech Visit

Kyutech16 Julai - Delegasi daripada Kyushu Institute of Technology, Jepun telah membuat lawatan ke Pusat Pengajian Kejuruteraan Mekanik, satu taklimat ringkas telah dipersembahkan oleh kedua - dua pihak mengenai institusi masing - masing. Lawatan pihak Kyutech adalah bertujuan menjalinkan kerjasama dalam bidang yang dilihat berpotensi dan pada masa yang sama menjemput pelajar - pelajar PPKM untuk melanjutkan pengajian di Kyutech. Pusat Pengajian juga membuat tawaran yang sama kepada pelajar-pelajar Kyutech menyambung Ijazah lanjutan di USM. Diharapkan Lawatan Kyutech ini membuka peluang kepada kerjasama yang lebih lagi dalam pelbagai bidang.




sharizal sea
6 Julai 2017 – Pensyarah Pusat Pengajian Kejuruteraan Mekanik, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Dr. Mohd Sharizal Abdul Aziz, 34, terpilih mewakili negara di Sukan Para ASEAN 2017 yang akan berlangsung selepas Sukan SEA Kuala Lumpur 2017.

Beliau yang akan menyertai tiga acara renang iaitu dalam kuartet 4x50 meter kuak dada berganti-ganti serta 50 meter dan 100 meter gaya bebas individu berharap untuk meraih pingat emas dalam acara-acara tersebut kerana ini merupakan menampilan sulung beliau dalam Sukan Para ASEAN.

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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Position: Sr OR Manufacturing Engineer @ TEXCHEM-PACK (Penang)
1. Responsible to develop project plans and co-ordinate project to meet customer targeted deadline.
2. Responsible for yield improvement
3. Diagnose and resolve all machines and processing problems to ensure products meets the specifications and requirements.
4. Perform process and products qualifications, validations, and all other aspects samplings setups including machine and equipment operations.
5. To ensure full implementation of Quality Management System in technical team.
6. Establishes corrective actions for process related quality problems develops process improvement plan.
7. Responsible for engineering change and communicate changes and progress.
8. Understanding of ISO 9001, ISO14001, and ISO13485 principal and requirements to meet all standards.
9. Ability to act independently to find root cause, process good analytical ability and problem solving and leadership ability.
1. Candidate must posses at least a Diploma in related field
2. Fresh graduate/ 1 year of experience in the above mentioned special skills.
3. Able to speak, write and read in English
4. Ability to write reports & procedure manual and able to effectively present information and reports to customer
5. Able to define problems, collect data and draw conclusion
6. Able to interpret technical drawing and GD & T

Norfishah Senawi
HR and Admin Department
Tel: 04 6438661
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Industrial Talk by TNB (ILSAS)

DSC 0120web 

17 May – We were honoured to have Ir. Yeoh Chien Wern, generation operation training manager at Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) training institute, also known as TNB Integrated Learning Solution (ILSAS) to deliver a talk to academic staffs and students taking EMH 222 Fluid Dynamics on the topic “Power Plant Technology: An Essential Overview”. In his presentation, Ir. Yeoh Chien Wern shared the power plant technology available in Malaysia and the practices that are used by the industry.

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