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The programme was introduced in 1999 at USM Sri Iskandar (Perak) campus, under the School of Mechanical Engineering, with an initial intake of 40 students. This small number is maintained, even more so after the APEX University intake in 2009/2010.


Programme Objective


The program aspires to produce manufacturing engineers who can apply scientific principles to the production of goods and function as key team members in production of a wide range of products and provision of manufacturing professional services for the industries. In addition, it also aims to nurture manufacturing engineers who can design and manage the processes and systems to make products with the required functionality, to high quality standards, available when and where customers prefer, at the best possible price and in ways that are environmentally-friendly.




This philosophy is achieved through a balanced curriculum emphasizing on various disciplines involving studies on product design and development, resource planning and manufacturing management, manufacturing technology and manufacturing systems. The curriculum of Manufacturing Engineering with Management Programme at USM is designed to include activities in design, product development, processing of materials and manufacturing of added value goods. Emphasis is also given to the management the production chain to fulfill the needs of clients within the constraint of cost, quality, delivery period and flexibility required of the products.


The management of cost, quality, efficiency and human factors involving a manufacturing system is taught through a series of production management, engineering economic and ergonomic courses. The scientific and technical aspects of manufacturing are mainly emphasized in a group of manufacturing technology, processes, metrology and control courses.




Our graduates are employed in both multi-national and national companies as well as government agencies covering wide range of industries including automotive, manufacturing, electrical and electronics, maintenance, semi-conductor, constructions, consulting and engineering services, research and academic institutions. Various engineering positions are offered to our graduates, which includes project engineers, quality engineers, industrial engineers, R&D engineers, design engineers and process engineers.



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