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Biomass Energy and Energy Efficient System

 This research group main research interests are the development and performance of biomass energy and energy efficient systems. The general areas of research include:

Biomass treatment ( type of biomass use, pyrolysis of biomass, waste plastics, torrefaction of biomass, liquid bio-fuels)
Gasifiers (downdraft gasification power plant, fluidized bed gasifier, cyclone gasifier, internal circulating fluidized bed gasifier, suction/induce/stratified gasifier, modeling of gasification process in downdraft and fluidized bed gasifiers, enhance quality of producer gas, combustion characteristics of producer gas, tar removal from producer gas, conversion of CO2)
Energy system (engine performance using producer gas, combustion characteristics of diesel engine using producer gas, micro-gas turbine fueled by producer gas from biomass gasification, stirling engine, SOFC  for power generation using producer gas from biomass gasifier, hot air production, thermoelectric generator
Energy efficient system (refrigeration system, air conditioning system, evaporative cooling, stirling cooling, desiccant cooling, vapor absorption system, thermoelectric cooling, internal combustion engine, alternative fuel, bio-fuel utilization)

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Muhamad Azman bin Miskam 
Recent publications:
Binghooth, A.S., Zainal, Z.A., Performance of desiccant dehumidification with hydronic radiant cooling system in hot humid climates, (2012) Energy and Buildings, 51, pp. 1-5. 
Salman Ahmed, N.J., Badruddin, I.A., Kanesan, J., Zainal, Z.A., Nazim Ahamed, K.S., Study of mixed convection in an annular vertical cylinder filled with saturated porous medium, using thermal non-equilibrium model, (2011) International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 54 (17-18), pp. 3822-3825. 
Idroas, M.Y., Farid, N.A., Zainal, Z.A., Noriman, K., Azman, M., Mechanical power assessment of an alpha V-type stirling engine converted diesel engine, (2011) International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, 6 (2), pp. 160-166. 
Anis, S., Zainal, Z.A., Tar reduction in biomass producer gas via mechanical, catalytic and thermal methods: A review, (2011) Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 15 (5), pp. 2355-2377. Cited 5 times.
Hassan, S., Nor, F.M., Zainal, Z.A., Miskam, M.A., Performance and emission characteristics of supercharged biomass producer gas-diesel dual fuel engine ,(2011) Journal of Applied Sciences, 11 (9), pp. 1606-1611. 
Al-attab, K.A., Zainal, Z.A., Design and performance of a pressurized cyclone combustor (PCC) for high and low heating value gas combustion (2011) Applied Energy, 88 (4), pp. 1084-1095.
SOURCE: Scopus